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Список команд AMI asterisk версии 11, вывод команды manager show commands
AbsoluteTimeout: Set absolute timeout.  (Priv: system,call,all)
AgentLogoff: Sets an agent as no longer logged in.  (Priv: agent,all)
Agents: Lists agents and their status.  (Priv: agent,all)
Atxfer: Attended transfer.  (Priv: call,all)
Bridge: Bridge two channels already in the PBX.  (Priv: call,all)
Challenge: Generate Challenge for MD5 Auth.  (Priv: <none>)
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
Command: Execute Asterisk CLI Command.  (Priv: command,all)
ConfbridgeKick: Kick a Confbridge user.  (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeList: List participants in a conference.  (Priv: reporting,all)
ConfbridgeListRooms: List active conferences.  (Priv: reporting,all)
ConfbridgeLock: Lock a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeMute: Mute a Confbridge user.  (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeSetSingleVideoSrc: Set a conference user as the single video source distributed to all other participants.  (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeStartRecord: Start recording a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: system,all)
ConfbridgeStopRecord: Stop recording a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeUnlock: Unlock a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeUnmute: Unmute a Confbridge user.  (Priv: call,all)
CoreSettings: Show PBX core settings (version etc).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
CoreShowChannels: List currently active channels.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
CoreStatus: Show PBX core status variables.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
CreateConfig: Creates an empty file in the configuration directory.  (Priv: config,all)
DAHDIDialOffhook: Dial over DAHDI channel while offhook.  (Priv: <none>)
DAHDIDNDoff: Toggle DAHDI channel Do Not Disturb status OFF.  (Priv: <none>)
DAHDIDNDon: Toggle DAHDI channel Do Not Disturb status ON.  (Priv: <none>)
DAHDIHangup: Hangup DAHDI Channel.  (Priv: <none>)
DAHDIRestart: Fully Restart DAHDI channels (terminates calls).  (Priv: <none>)
DAHDIShowChannels: Show status of DAHDI channels.  (Priv: <none>)
DAHDITransfer: Transfer DAHDI Channel.  (Priv: <none>)
DataGet: Retrieve the data api tree.  (Priv: <none>)
DBDel: Delete DB entry.  (Priv: system,all)
DBDelTree: Delete DB Tree.  (Priv: system,all)
DBGet: Get DB Entry.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
DBPut: Put DB entry.  (Priv: system,all)
Events: Control Event Flow.  (Priv: <none>)
ExtensionState: Check Extension Status.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
Filter: Dynamically add filters for the current manager session.  (Priv: system,all)
GetConfig: Retrieve configuration.  (Priv: system,config,all)
GetConfigJSON: Retrieve configuration (JSON format).  (Priv: system,config,all)
Getvar: Gets a channel variable or function value.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
Hangup: Hangup channel.  (Priv: system,call,all)
IAXnetstats: Show IAX Netstats.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
IAXpeerlist: List IAX Peers.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
IAXpeers: List IAX peers.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
IAXregistry: Show IAX registrations.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
ListCategories: List categories in configuration file.  (Priv: config,all)
ListCommands: List available manager commands.  (Priv: <none>)
LocalOptimizeAway: Optimize away a local channel when possible.  (Priv: system,call,all)
Login: Login Manager.  (Priv: <none>)
Logoff: Logoff Manager.  (Priv: <none>)
MailboxCount: Check Mailbox Message Count.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
MailboxStatus: Check mailbox.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
MixMonitor: Record a call and mix the audio during the recording.  Use of StopMixMonitor is required to guarantee the audio file is available for processing during dialplan execution.  (Priv: system,all)
MixMonitorMute: Mute / unMute a Mixmonitor recording.  (Priv: system,call,all)
ModuleCheck: Check if module is loaded.  (Priv: system,all)
ModuleLoad: Module management.  (Priv: system,all)
Monitor: Monitor a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
MuteAudio: Mute an audio stream.  (Priv: system,all)
Originate: Originate a call.  (Priv: originate,all)
Park: Park a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
ParkedCalls: List parked calls.  (Priv: <none>)
Parkinglots: Get a list of parking lots  (Priv: <none>)
PauseMonitor: Pause monitoring of a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
Ping: Keepalive command.  (Priv: <none>)
PlayDTMF: Play DTMF signal on a specific channel.  (Priv: call,all)
PresenceState: Check Presence State  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
QueueAdd: Add interface to queue.  (Priv: agent,all)
QueueLog: Adds custom entry in queue_log.  (Priv: agent,all)
QueueMemberRingInUse: Set the ringinuse value for a queue member.  (Priv: agent,all)
QueuePause: Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable.  (Priv: agent,all)
QueuePenalty: Set the penalty for a queue member.  (Priv: agent,all)
QueueReload: Reload a queue, queues, or any sub-section of a queue or queues.  (Priv: <none>)
QueueRemove: Remove interface from queue.  (Priv: agent,all)
QueueReset: Reset queue statistics.  (Priv: <none>)
QueueRule: Queue Rules.  (Priv: <none>)
Queues: Queues.  (Priv: <none>)
QueueStatus: Show queue status.  (Priv: <none>)
QueueSummary: Show queue summary.  (Priv: <none>)
Redirect: Redirect (transfer) a call.  (Priv: call,all)
Reload: Send a reload event.  (Priv: system,config,all)
SendText: Send text message to channel.  (Priv: call,all)
Setvar: Sets a channel variable or function value.  (Priv: call,all)
ShowDialPlan: Show dialplan contexts and extensions  (Priv: config,reporting,all)
SIPnotify: Send a SIP notify.  (Priv: system,all)
SIPpeers: List SIP peers (text format).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
SIPpeerstatus: Show the status of one or all of the sip peers.  (Priv: system,all)
SIPqualifypeer: Qualify SIP peers.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
SIPshowpeer: show SIP peer (text format).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
SIPshowregistry: Show SIP registrations (text format).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
Status: List channel status.  (Priv: system,call,reporting,all)
StopMixMonitor: Stop recording a call through MixMonitor, and free the recording's file handle.  (Priv: system,call,all)
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
UnpauseMonitor: Unpause monitoring of a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
UpdateConfig: Update basic configuration.  (Priv: config,all)
UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event.  (Priv: user,all)
VoicemailUsersList: List All Voicemail User Information.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
WaitEvent: Wait for an event to occur.  (Priv: <none>)

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